Are you a person of faith? At Rescuing Hope, we believe prayer changes things. As our first official event, we hosted Circle Atlanta for Hope, which was a prayer initiative calling people to pray for those involved in sexual exploitation – the victims, the perpetrators, the purchasers, and those who rescue and treat them  –  in the city of Atlanta while circling the city on I-285, which literally circles the city.Collage 1

We approached the front line organizations in the fight against sex trafficking in Atlanta and invited them to submit their top 3-4 prayer requests to us for people to pray through as they circled the city. We had the following organizations participate:

We also added educators/medical personnel, law enforcement/judicial system, victims, and of course, Rescuing Hope. 

Collage 2The response from the community surpassed expectations for a first time event. We had representatives from the following churches, organizations and colleges:

That’s 17 churches, 4 colleges and 2 front line organizations full of Collage 4people driving around I-285 over a 24 hour period, praying for the fight against sex trafficking in Metro Atlanta. The feedback from the participants was amazing.

Drew Meritt kicked us off at midnight and wrote:

So I have my coffee and I am ready to help turn Atlanta upside down through prayer! So excited to be a part of this.”

When he finished his time slot, he went back to the Facebook page and wrote:

“……the time was amazing!”

Ellen Bennett wrote:

I had a 4 AM to 530 AM slot. And I loved it. To me not only was it a a peaceful hour to be out surrounding the city but it was also an hour where trafficking was at it’s height. After covering the prayer points I was impressed to pray for the individuals and their families in each organization or group on the front lines. And I couldn’t stop doing it. It was such a privilege! Let’s do this again next quarter!”

David Gillham wrote:

We are thrilled to be in prayer for our community. Trudging around the interstate with our drinks, cat, and prayer. #IamAVoiceforHope”

College student, Bekah Fortney wrote:

Praying for an end to sex trafficking in Atlanta!‪#‎circleofhope‬#resucinghope,inc ‪#‎bethekey‬

Collage 4Gwendolyn Dean posted:

I was privileged to circle Atlanta in prayer on 285 between 12 noon-1:30 pm. I felt led to bind the strongman of greed . The presence of Holy Spirit was very strong. At times I just prayed in the spirit. I was humbled and blessed to participate, especially knowing ” the effectual, fervent prayers of the righteous avails much”!!

It was very encouraging to receive feedback from the participants of Circle Atlanta for Hope event, but even more powerful was the responses that came from the survivors who were following the event as it unfolded on social media.

Love! thanks for the fight for GIRLS like ME!”

Another survivor wrote:

Thank you for what you’re doing to change things in Atlanta. I love you!”

It is going to take the community coming together – nonprofits, government officials, law enforcement, educators, medical personnel, district attorneys, front line organizations, moms, dads, aunts, uncles, grandparents, college students, middle school students, high school students, survivors, and YOU – to end this atrocity. Fortney Car

We have already been asked when the next Circle Atlanta for Hope event will be. We will gather as a leadership team and discuss it and keep you posted. Until then, stay connected to the work of Rescuing Hope and things happening in the anti-trafficking movement by subscribing to the blog here.

We plan to tag base with the participating organizations in the weeks and months ahead to see how things are going with the things we prayed for them. We will post about it on the blog.

For those of you who participated, we say thank you. Thank you for supporting Rescuing Hope for our first event. Thank you for sacrificing your time and your gas. Thank you for speaking up for those who cannot speak for themselves. Thank you for raising your voice for hope.

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