Are you a loner? Do you like having time by yourself? Or are you like me – if five people are great then five hundred are even better?

I have come to believe prolonged isolation is a tool of divisiveness. It doesn’t matter if you’re talking about families, friendships, or in my case, nonprofit organizations fighting for the same cause.

We all need each other.

Many people have asked me why have links to we so many other nonprofits in the anti-trafficking movement on our website. It is because there aren’t any individual organizations that will single-handedly wipe out sex trafficking. It will take all of us working together, fighting the same evil as one to have an impact.

A victory for Wellspring Living is a victory for Rescuing Hope. And a victory for Rescuing Hope is a victory for Restore One or Out of Darkness and so on. In order to win this fight, we need to:

  • Raise Awareness
  • Provide Prevention
  • Develop Education for Students, Teachers, Administrators and Parents
  • Rescue Victims and Provide Safe Housing and Counseling for Them
  • Tackle the Demand Issue
  • Reform Buyers and Sellers
  • Restore Families
  • Change Our Cultural Mindset to Value Others and Turn Away from the Commodification of Humanity
  • Develop Better Laws
  • Speak Life, Destiny and Hope into Our Young People

And that’s just to name a few things that need to be done. No one person, group or organization can do it all. But when we each do what we’re called to do and bring our collective efforts together as ONE team with ONE voice working for ONE purpose, then we will make a difference and this evil will be pushed back.

It is our heart to see everyone do something, either big or small. We believe the key to solving this atrocity is people, people who are willing to Be the Key.

At Rescuing Hope, we believe:Locks 2

Keys are used to unlock things: doors, windows, and boxes, but also potential, hopes and dreams. When something is said to be key in a situation, it means it is important, critical, necessary.

In the fight against sex trafficking, people – those in the fight full-time and volunteers – are the key to releasing the captives, helping them see they have value and worth, helping them go from victim to survivor to thriver. People are the key to funding the work, spreading the word, and ending this heinous crime once and for all.”

What can you do? How are you willing to step into the fight? Do you see yourself doing full-time work in the war against trafficking or are you hoping to reach out on a smaller scale? Do you have financial resources to sow into the cause? Do you have a special skill set that would benefit Rescuing Hope or one of the other nonprofits on the front lines? Great! Reach out. Sow into someone somewhere.

Every act counts. Every person counts. YOU count!

Together, we can have an impact. Let’s get started working as ONE.