Have you walked down the toy aisle of a store lately? If you ever wondered if our culture is overly sexualized, all it takes is a stroll down the pink aisle of a toy department to obtain your answer.

Row after row of dolls made to look like women, complete with excessive makeup, pencil thin figures and overly augmented bust sizes. Clearly, our culture is sending a message to our little girls:

Your value comes from your body.

Even Disney, a company many view as one for children, has changed the physique of their Disney Princesses to display skinnier waistlines and more sultry looking facial expressions (as displayed in the photo above that I snapped today in a local store). Is it any wonder our young people have a skewed view on sexuality and worth today?

Gail Dines is the author of Pornland , a professor of sociology and women’s studies at Wheelock College in Boston, and  a global expert on the impact of pornography on our culture today. She spoke at the World Summit to End Human Trafficking at the Carter Center last year. She had this to say,

Our entire culture is getting our girls porn ready.”

Our television programs, movies, music and other forms of media have learned sex sells and they’re using it. Dines went on to say,

It hypersexualizes them at a young age.”Satisfaction Picstitch 2

Our children are offered dolls that ooze sexuality. Actors and actresses parade around in clothing, and I use that term loosely, that could double for lingerie no matter what time of day you turn on your television. Television commercials for programs like Satisfaction, Scandal, and others with extreme sexual content are shown throughout the day promoting sex at every turn.

All of these actions send powerful messages to our culture and create a breading ground for the acceptance of sexual exploitation. We’ve become numb to what is happening right beneath our noses.

Victims of sexual exploitation are forced to wear outrageous amounts of make up, wigs, lingerie or costumes to become something they are not, an object that exists for the pleasure of another.

How is this possible in the land of the free and the home of the brave?

Because we aren’t outraged by it! We don’t demand things change in our media and in the products being sold to our children. We don’t take a stand!

Edmund Burke once said,

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

Fortunately, there are organizations and individuals who are trying to make a difference in the way our children perceive themselves and others. Tree Change Dolls and its founder and artist, Sonia Singh, are trying to make a difference.

Tree change dolls 4

Photo by Sonia Singh

Singh started out taking discarded fashion dolls and she upcycled them, to use her term. She takes them and removes the factory painted faces, repairs any broken or missing pieces, makes them new clothing and gives them a new face that resembles that of a young child.

Tree Change dolls 3

Photo by Sonia Singh

I was intrigued when I saw the work Singh was doing.  She said,

I have decided to see if Tree Change Dolls is something I can make into a small creative business that allows me to share my skills and share my love of reusing and upcycling dolls that were once considered rubbish or no longer worth playing with.”

Tree change dolls 2

   Photo by Sonia Singh 

This is a picture of restoring innocence, which is what survivors of sexual exploitation go through as they try to overcome the evil they’ve experienced as a sex trafficking victim. They are no longer required to paint their faces in seductive ways or wear revealing clothing.

They are treasured for who they are, not what they can do for someone.

I encourage you to look for opportunities to not only value people for who they are instead of what they can do for you, but to allow your money to speak in that arena as well. Choose wisely when buying toys for young girls and boys and make sure they are conveying the messages you want to share with those you love.

To learn more about Tree Change Dolls or to learn how to order them for someone you love, you can go here. If you want to learn how to knit clothing for them that is age appropriate, you can purchase patterns here.

Rescuing Hope is not being paid by Tree Change Dolls to promote their products or their founder, Sonia Singh. We wanted to highlight an organization and individual who is taking their time, talents and resources to impact our culture in a way that can transform how others perceive people in the world, especially females. Singh has embraced our challenge to Be the Key by the work she is doing, even if she isn’t aware of it.

How will you take a stand? How will you be the key?

We encourage you to connect with Singh and Tree Change Dolls on their social media pages.

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