Do you have plans on Thursday, February 11th? If not, and if you live in the state of Georgia, consider joining anti-trafficking organizations across the state at the Historic Freight Depot at 9 a.m. for the kick off of Lobby Day 2016.

Georgia Cares, Street Grace and Wellspring Living will kick off the event with speakers sharing the latest updates on proposed bills in Georgia to help the anti-trafficking movement as well as recent victories in the fight. Following their presentations, the masses will take to the halls of the capitol to knock on doors and speak with elected officials making a case for these bills.

We have seen great things come out of Lobby Day in the past 6 years. You can read about some recent victories here and here. I believe 2016 will not disappoint. It isn’t too late to sign up to join us.

Today is the deadline, so click here and make plans to attend. 

I spoke with one elected official last year and he said,

We may get phone calls or emails from citizens, but we rarely get visitors while we’re in session. When that happens, we take notice. When a group like this gathers in masses and storm the halls knocking on doors, we can’t help but sit up and pay attention.”

When you introduce yourself to an elected official and tell them you are their constituent, you have their undivided attention. Make plans to attend now.

#BetheKey to change in our state.

Raise your voice for hope.