Have you seen the latest cover of Time Magazine? You don’t have to wonder what the prime story is in this issue. It’s abundantly clear that the topic of conversation is PORN.

I had the opportunity to read the article and was thrilled to see the writer addressed how pornography use  is impacting our culture today.

Rise of Porn 1This is a photograph I took of the magazine article to show you the rapid growth that has taken place in a short time.

When you look at the rise of pornography just over the past twelve years, the numbers are staggering.

This article released the same week I traveled to Greensboro,  North Carolina to attend the Set Free Global Summit on Pornography, hosted by Josh McDowell and Covenant Eyes.  This was one of the most comprehensive scientific looks at the progression of pornography in our culture and the impacts it has on the mind, body, and spirit. While it was hosted by two Christian organizations, they had some of the top scientist who have studied the topic presenting.

brain explanation 2Dr. Donald Hilton, Dr. William Struthers, and Dr. Ted Roberts kicked things off when explanations of the brain’s plasticity and science behind how pornography actually changes the brain when viewed. The physical implications alone can be extremely devastating.

As reported by these doctors and the Time Magazine article, regular viewers of porn are finding they are developing issues with erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and retarded ejaculation.

58% of male pornography users (average age 25) had erectile dysfunction with real women but not with pornography.

Everyday Health posted an article with similar findings back in February of 2014.  The article stated,

Due to the pornography available on the Internet, we are finding out that this type of sex dysfunction is a real entity,” said David B. Samadi, MD, chairman of the urology department and chief of robotic surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City. “It is a problem in the brain, not the penis.”

In February of this year, Utah’s State Legislature was the first to acknowledge pornography as a “public health crisis.” One of the leading organizations in the fight against pornography, Fight the New Drug, is based in Utah. They have a variety of resources for those using pornography as well as for those who wish to fight this issue.

They have very clearly highlighted the direct link between pornography and sex trafficking.

The physical aspects of porn use and porn addiction is just one of the many problems viewers can develop. Many who attended the Set Free Summit spoke about how their porn use cost them:

  • thousands of dollars
  • their marriages
  • their relationships with their children
  • their jobs

Many shared how it brought great emotional and spiritual harm.

The Summit was not only about the scientific evidence of the impacts of pornography, but it also highlighted many of the resources for help. You can learn all about the presenters and some of the resources available here.

The issue of sexual exploitation and the destruction of lives is not going to go away on its own. In fact, if left alone, it will only get worse.

The only way it will decrease is if we stand up and speak up. There has been no other time in history when your voice could reach as many as it can today.

Use your platform, use your social media, use your voice to #BeTheKey to change.

What will you do?