Do you like to find deals? What about deals that have a bonus to them? Today is Cyber Monday. It’s like Black Friday but shopping takes place online instead of in brick and mortar stores.

A new online boutique, the Freedom Boutique, is taking shopping to a whole new level. Not only can you find fabulous gifts for yourself or others on their site, but you can support Rescuing Hope in the fight against sex trafficking just by shopping. There is no additional charge to you.

The Freedom Boutique founders, Jazz and Jessie, love fashion; however, they didn’t want to just open another boutique. They wanted to impact change in their world. When asked about it, they said,

It is our goal to not only find the best styles and provide the looks that you love to wear but to give you, the shopper, our partner, a voice. We decided The Freedom Boutique would support multiple charities and let the shopper choose as to where they would like us to donate. And that is when “you shop, we give” was born. When you buy something we want you to truly appreciate the difference you are making by directly choosing which charity The Freedom Boutique will make a donation to from a portion of your purchase. So remember, while we want all of our shoppers to absolutely love what they are wearing, love it even more because you know that the item you have on is changing lives and making a difference.”

Jazz and Jessie came to our office to spend time getting to know our staff and gain an in-depth understanding of our organization. They are fun loving fashionistas with big hearts.

They not only want to support Rescuing Hope financially through their business, but they also want to invest in our organization with their time and talents. They plan on volunteering with events, like our Run for Hope 5K we will be hosting in Athens, Georgia on February 11th.

We are thrilled to be in a partnership with the Freedom Boutique and invite you to check out their Cyber Monday specials. When you do, make sure you make their page a favorite, because you’ll love what you find there.

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