I have often said we live in an overly sexualized culture, that sex is invading every aspect of our lives whether we realize it or not. That reality slapped me in the face when one of my interns came to me with a book she stumbled upon on the internet. By all appearances, it is a children’s book. The content, however, is anything but appropriate for children. It is glorified pornography wrapped in a picture book package that is sadly available on Amazon for any unsuspecting individual to purchase.

Upon researching the book, I learned the authors intended for it to be written for adults in the guise of a children’s book; however, when you do a Google search on it, it does pop up as a children’s book. Even the book’s Facebook page calls it “a ‘children’s book’ gone very, very wrong'”.

One Google review had this to say about the book,

Every now and then there comes a book that awakens the spirit of childlike joy and laughter in young and old alike. Do You Want To Play With My Balls? is just that kind of book, full of innocence and irreverence, and sure to make every member of your family vomit with glee. At once shockingly direct, unabashedly sentimental, and totally asinine, Do You Want To Play With My Balls? is a visually stunning treat, embellished with brightly colored images by award-winning (**) illustrator Santiago Elizalde. It’s a book for all occasions: baby showers, birthday parties, bedtime readings, brisses. No coffee table, nursery, or kindergarten is complete without a copy. Go ahead, read it to the kids! They’ll love it, but won’t have a clue as to why you’re turning blue with laughter!”

Needless to say, as a parent and a former elementary school teacher, I wouldn’t encourage any parent to read this book to a child. Our culture is already bombarding our young people with overtly sexual messages long before their young brains can process, understand and make appropriate judgement calls on their own.

Jeff Shaw, founder and executive director of Out of Darkness had this to say,

Obviously this book is innuendo. It may be meant as humor for adults, but is is entirely inappropriate for children. The content has the capacity to desensitize kids to exposure and touching of genitals. It is also misogynistic and demeaning toward the female character in the story.”

If you are curious about what the book is really about, but do not wish to give the Cifaldi Brothers a dime of your money to learn, you can view the YouTube rendering of the book.

A former female pornography addict had this to say about the book,

As a former addict to pornography, I believe this book could be a huge stumbling block or a gateway to creating a way for pornography to be accepted by the general public and be seen as less of an issue. When I saw this, my heart hurt for anyone who has been or will be caught in the trap of pornography through things like this, where they didn’t expect it.


So I ask you, what are your thoughts on this book? Should it be available under the guise of a children’s book or do you think it should be labeled in some way that it is not intended for children?