When people first hear about the issue of sex trafficking in our country, they often experience several emotions…shock, confusion, anger, outrage, etc. Then they want to do something.

Rescuing Hope provides the following opportunities to
Be the Key and make a difference in this fight.
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Keys are used to unlock things: doors, windows, and boxes, but also potential, hopes and dreams. In the fight against sex trafficking, people – those in the fight full time and volunteers – are the key to releasing the captives, helping them see they have value and worth, helping them go from victim to survivor to thriver. People are the key to funding the work, spreading the word, and ending this heinous crime once and for all.

There is much to do, and thankfully there are many great organizations in this fight along with Rescuing Hope. If our volunteer opportunities aren’t a good fit for you, we encourage you to explore the organizations below.

Find your place and be the key.