Those who have been victimized deserve the chance to take back their lives and create the future. Rescuing Hope empowers sex trafficking survivors through programs designed to help them reach their goals and celebrate life.


Rescuing Hope supports an amazing group of sex trafficking survivors by meeting them where they are and maintaining a long-term relationship, with the goal to watch them grow beyond just surviving to actually thriving. A Case Worker assists each survivor in establishing an Action Plan which includes goal setting, referrals to community resources, support with finding employment and housing, and developing life skills.

Additional programs available to survivors are:

This program was created to offer extra support to survivors during times of crisis. We are able to provide limited financial support and tangible goods, so that survivors can make it through emergency situations.

We bring survivors together for support and encouragement in activities such as monthly support dinners, conferences and retreats.

We bring survivors together for support and healing in therapist-led group counseling. These are interactive, survivor-centered therapeutic sessions.

We honor survivors in times of joy by hosting celebrations such as baby showers, wedding receptions, graduations and sobriety milestones.


One of the biggest struggles survivors face after escaping the oppression of sex trafficking is earning a livable wage. Getting an education and landing a good job aren’t at the top of the list of priorities when you’re fighting every day just to survive. Oftentimes survivors become adults with minimal education and no stable work history. Struggling to make ends meet puts additional stress on top of the hard work required to mentally and emotionally heal from the trauma a survivor has faced. The Marie McClanahan Education and Empowerment fund opens doors for survivors and gives them the opportunity to turn their dreams of a career into reality.

The Educational Scholarship Program

The Educational Scholarship Program is designed to empower survivors of sex trafficking who wish to step up, further their education and develop marketable skills. Awards through this program can be used to fund any form of higher education. Whether it be web design, cosmetology, real estate or accounting, recipients of the program receive financial aid to pursue a degree or professional certification.

The Entrepreneurship Program

The Entrepreneurship Program is designed to empower survivors of sex trafficking who wish to step up, develop marketable skills and start a small business. Awards through this program can be used to fund expenses incurred during the process of starting a small business, such as government registrations, getting a business license, establishing a website, and printing business cards and marketing materials. Along with the funding, the recipient will have access to a business coach who can assist with business planning, if desired.