Rescuing Hope would love the opportunity to speak with your group, large or small. People need to realize the problem of sex trafficking exists and how relevant it is to them before they will be motivated to do anything about it.

Susan Norris is blowing the lid off the sex trafficking industry and exposing the many layers of this heinous crime. She calls it “the crime hidden in plain sight” and educates her audience with shocking facts, statistics and stories, leaving them impassioned and empowered to become a voice for hope.

Erin Bishop | Founder & President, The Whatever Girls | Spokane, WA
Susan’s passion for Hope serves many purposes in her presentations. Among them are an awareness of human trafficking and an invitation into the fight. The audience is equipped to protect themselves and their children. They also leave as an advocate and lookout for the Hopes in their midst.
Hicks Malonson | Service Chair , Rotary Club of North Cobb County

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